Sourcing: We work for our clients to source better quality products at most competitive prices  on FOB or CFR basis. We also guide our valued clients in finding and selecting the right manufactures of fabric and garments, which can be delivered in time with quality.

 Follow- up: We apprise our buyers in precise details from fabric to garment shipment stage for each order in a fast and effective manner. We also make arrangements for the buyer to be advised directly from the manufacturing facilities.

 Quality assurance:We assure Quality Management as a fundamental philosophy of our Texwings Ltd. Our goal is to keep continuous improvement with focusing on team work, increasing customer satisfaction and cheap costs.

Within this framing, our main concentrations are as follows:

Focus on quality measurement (using feedback at each stage of production) Reward for Quality performance

Focus on Quality Training at all levels Stress problem identification and solution Promote innovation and total participation

 Prices:To be fair with both ends, we scrutinize prices quoted by the supplier and negotiate to obtain the most realistic prices for our valued clients.

 Product/ Sample development: We offer to our customer to make the samples as per their sketches & original sample. We make sample in our sample section for buyer’s requirement & approval.

 Inspection: We are doing (by our QC team) on line, mid line, off line checking for our quality controlling system. On the other hand we are doing (by our q/a team) pre-final & final inspection for our quality assurance system. They know how to do final inspection in 2.5 & 4.00 aq1. So we can do final inspection also.

 Pre & Post-shipment Services: We do help buyers in selecting reputed forwarder and clearing agents if the buyers so desire. This automatically makes a binding on us to supervise and follow up the movement of the cargo from the factory or warehouse to the sea port.